Exploring the Cannabis Scene in Vancouver: A Comprehensive Guide (2024 Updated)

Exploring the Cannabis Scene in Vancouver: A Comprehensive Guide

Vancouver, often referred to as the cannabis capital of Canada, has a vibrant and diverse cannabis culture. Since the legalization of cannabis in 2018, the city has embraced the industry, offering numerous dispensaries, cannabis-friendly events, and unique experiences for locals and tourists alike. This comprehensive guide explores the cannabis scene in Vancouver, highlighting the best dispensaries, events, and attractions.

The Rise of Cannabis Culture in Vancouver

Vancouver has a long history of cannabis use and activism. The city’s progressive attitude towards cannabis, coupled with its beautiful natural surroundings, makes it an ideal destination for cannabis enthusiasts. The legalization of cannabis has further cemented Vancouver’s reputation as a hub for cannabis culture.

Top Dispensaries in Vancouver

  1. The Village Bloomery: Located in the heart of Vancouver, The Village Bloomery offers a curated selection of high-quality cannabis products. The dispensary focuses on providing a welcoming and educational experience for customers, with knowledgeable staff ready to assist with product selection.
  2. Canna Fresh Green Cannabis: The shop offers a wide range of products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. Their commitment to quality and customer service makes it a must-visit.
  3. City Cannabis Co.:City Cannabis Co. has several locations across Vancouver, each offering a modern and stylish shopping experience. The dispensary prides itself on its premium product offerings and knowledgeable staff who can guide customers through their cannabis journey.

Cannabis-Friendly Events and Activities

  1. 420 Vancouver: Held annually on April 20th, 420 Vancouver is one of the largest cannabis celebrations in the world. The event features live music, speakers, and a vibrant marketplace where attendees can explore a variety of cannabis products and accessories.
  2. The Lift & Co. Expo: The Lift & Co. Expo is a premier cannabis industry event held in Vancouver. The expo brings together industry professionals, consumers, and exhibitors for a weekend of networking, education, and product showcases. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the cannabis industry.
  3. Cannabis Tours: Several companies offer guided cannabis tours in Vancouver, providing a unique way to explore the city’s cannabis culture. These tours often include visits to dispensaries, grow facilities, and cannabis-friendly cafes, offering an immersive and educational experience.
  4. Cannabis Yoga Classes: For those looking to combine relaxation and wellness, cannabis yoga classes are a popular option in Vancouver. These classes incorporate cannabis consumption into the practice, promoting relaxation and mindfulness.
  5. Art and Cannabis Workshops: Art and cannabis workshops are a creative way to explore the intersection of cannabis and art. Participants can enjoy cannabis while engaging in activities like painting, pottery, and other crafts.

Cannabis Tourism in Vancouver

Vancouver’s cannabis tourism industry is thriving, attracting visitors from around the world. The city’s scenic beauty, combined with its progressive cannabis policies, makes it an ideal destination for cannabis tourists.

  1. Cannabis-Friendly Accommodations: Several hotels and Airbnb listings in Vancouver offer cannabis-friendly accommodations. These establishments provide designated smoking areas and other amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for cannabis enthusiasts.
  2. Cannabis-Infused Dining: Vancouver’s culinary scene is embracing cannabis-infused dining experiences. Some restaurants and private chefs offer cannabis-infused menus, allowing diners to enjoy gourmet meals paired with cannabis.
  3. Outdoor Adventures: Vancouver’s stunning natural landscapes offer numerous opportunities for outdoor adventures. From hiking and biking to kayaking and beach outings, visitors can enjoy the great outdoors while partaking in cannabis.
  4. Wellness Retreats: Wellness retreats that incorporate cannabis into their programs are becoming increasingly popular in Vancouver. These retreats offer a range of activities, including yoga, meditation, and spa treatments, all designed to promote relaxation and well-being.


Canna Fresh Green Wellness Retreats

Legal Considerations and Responsible Consumption

  1. Legal Age and Possession Limits: In Vancouver, the legal age for purchasing and consuming cannabis is 19. Adults are allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent in other forms.
  2. Consumption Restrictions: Cannabis consumption is permitted in private residences and designated areas. Public consumption is generally prohibited, and it’s important to be aware of local bylaws and regulations.
  3. Driving and Cannabis: Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal and can result in severe penalties. Always plan for a safe and sober ride if you plan to consume cannabis.
  4. Purchasing from Licensed Retailers: To ensure product safety and quality, always purchase cannabis from licensed dispensaries. These establishments are regulated and adhere to strict quality control standards.


Vancouver’s cannabis scene offers a rich and diverse experience for both locals and tourists. With a wide range of dispensaries, events, and attractions, the city has something for every cannabis enthusiast. By embracing responsible consumption and exploring the vibrant cannabis culture, visitors can fully enjoy all that Vancouver has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to cannabis, Vancouver’s welcoming and progressive attitude makes it a top destination for cannabis tourism.