How Many Grams in an Ounce? – Weed Size Guide

We’ve all heard of grass, chronic and kush being used as lingo for weed, but what about slang for amounts of weed? If you’re not familiar with the lingo or if you’re new to the scene, hearing words such as an “eighth,” a “zip,” or a “quarter” can be confusing. How many grams in an ounce anyways? 


Whether you’re new to the cannabis community or a long-time veteran, tokers of all experience levels know the importance of being precise with your measurements and knowing exactly how much weed to load up for before becoming dankrupt. Nobody likes being stiffed by their dealer or their dispensary, so we’re here today to talk about some common weed amounts, how much they typically represent and how you can commit these sizes to memory! 


What are Common Weed Amounts/Sizes? 

The reason why measuring weed amounts is so confusing is because weed is weighed and measured using 2 systems, the imperial system (ounces) and the metric system (grams). 


Measuring weed starts off with the metric system. The smallest amount of weed that most dispensaries will sell to customers will be a gram. Depending on your smoking habits, this can be enough for either 1 large joint or a 2-3 smaller sized doobies. 


Anything bigger than a gram leads to a jump to the imperial system. We then begin to measure by ounces, which means you’ll have to do a little conversion in your head. You can either get a ⅛ of an ounce, which is also known as an “eighth,” and a ¼ ounce, known as a quarter. ½ ounces and full ounces are also common weed measurement sizes.


How many Grams is an Eighth? 

An ⅛ of an ounce will have 3.5 grams of weed. An eighth is the ideal amount for a small get-together with your friends or a small party. An eighth will be perfect for an entire rotation of a bong or if you prefer, 5-6 king-sized joints!  


If you’re smoking solo, this is the ideal amount to purchase if you want more cost-effectiveness than purchasing by the gram. 


How many Grams in a Quarter?

A ¼ of weed is double that of an eighth of weed, so you’re looking at 7 grams per quarter ounce. A quarter is much more cost effective than an eighth and will last you quite a while if you’re smoking by yourself – think at least 2-3 weeks if you’re a casual stoner. 


If you’re having a social function, a quarter is the perfect amount to bring. You might even find yourself with ample leftovers! 


How many Grams in a half ounce?

We’re doubling up again from a quarter-ounce of weed. A half-ounce of marijuana will be equal to 14 grams of flower. This is an especially large amount of weed that’ll last you for months if you’re smoking alone. If you enjoy the process of making your own weed edibles, weed tinctures or weed oil at home, a half ounce is perfect. 


Many of these weed DIY recipes require an ample amount of cannabis to be able to properly infuse with your recipe of choice. If you plan on making weed brownies, weed candies or cannabutter, do yourself a favour and purchase a half-ounce. You’ll save more money in the long-run and if you have any leftovers, you can just smoke it!


How many Grams in an ounce?

Again, we’re going to be doublign up. A half ounce is 14 grams of flower so a full ounce will be an impressive 28 grams of weed. This is the largest amount of weed you can purchase before entering into the wholesale world of pounds and kilograms. 


How much weed should I buy?

The answer to that question rests entirely with you. Every toker’s tolerance to marijuana is different and the ways they want to use weed are just as varied. If you’re unsure about how much weed to purchase or save up, it’s best to start with a gram and go from there. Maybe your tolerance is not as high as you expected and you only need half a gram to fly to the moon for a few hours. On the flip side, you could also have a monster tolerance and find yourself cleaning out a quarter ounce a week! 


There is no right or wrong answer to “how much weed should I buy.” Trust yourself and take it slow – there’s enough flower around for everyone!